Body to body massage

Be aroused and uplifted by our amazing Body to Body Massage Amsterdam

We want to tempt you to try a brand new experience. A massage that doesn’t just rely on hands.  A massage where both of you get naked.  A massage where every inch of your naked body is stimulated by an equally naked oil covered escort girl.  That’s what you’ll get when you try our very special body to body massage. We’re sure that you won’t take much tempting, but just in case you’re wondering what to expect, read on.

You may have experienced the wonder of massage before; you may even have tried one of our other erotic or sensual massages, but if you’ve never tried the thrill of a hot oiled body pressing against yours, then you’re in for a real treat.  Our fully trained masseuses will use their entire bodies to stimulate and arouse you.  They’ll glide and slide, and circle and slither across every single inch of your flesh in a way that will electrify each and every nerve in your body.   And as your excitement mounts, you’ll feel yourself getting more and more tense as your body hardens in anticipation of the next touch.  And as you reach that moment of no return, we’ll help you on your way, pushing you ever closer to edge and over the precipice.

So if you think you’d like to try our body to body massage Amsterdam all you have to do is contact one of our operators and they’ll arrange for your very own body to body masseuse to come and slither against you.  Just remember, life is for living, and everybody deserves to try new things, so why not submit to your desires and book this very special massage experience right now and find out exactly what makes this experience so unique.  Our massage services are available throughout the Netherlands, so wherever you are in the country, there’ll be a masseuse near you.

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